Twitter Bootstrap 3 WordPress Starter Theme

Twitter Bootstrap 3 WordPress Starter Theme

We just released Builder, a Twitter Bootstrap 3 WordPress Starter Theme perfect for developers! The base of this theme is the powerful Bones. We then added some page templates and all the Twitter Bootstrap components and features.

Medium – Bootstrap 3 WordPress Theme

Medium WordPress Theme

We have alway been a big fan of Medium and the simplicity of their web design. A lot of people have been requesting a simple one column blog design that still uses Bootstrap 3, so we decided to build a Medium clone. This Medium WordPress theme not only includes Bootstrap 3, but also has some pretty neat features.

Twitter Bootstrap 3 Shortcode Plugin for WordPress

Twitter Bootstrap 3 shortcode plugin

Our Twitter Bootstrap shortcode plugin for WordPress has now been updated to use the latest features and components of Twitter Bootstrap 3! We have also added new shortcodes to the plugin so you can bring more Twitter Bootstrap functionality into your WordPress theme.

Twitter Bootstrap 3 WordPress Theme – StrapPress

Twitter Bootstrap 3 WordPress Theme

Since Bootstrap released version 3 of the Twitter Bootstrap framework, we have been updating one of our more popular WordPress themes, StrapPress. We have recoded the theme with all the latest Bootstrap features and have also added a lot of new additions to the theme options.

Twitter Bootstrap 3 is here! Kinda…

Twitter Bootstrap 3

Over the weekend the developers of the Twitter Bootstrap framework released the 3rd version of Bootstrap. The Twitter Bootstrap framework has been reworked and includes a ton of changes! One of the major updates is the framework is now mobile-first. Other updates include:

Free Parallax WordPress Theme

Free Parallax WordPress Theme

The parallax effect is getting pretty popular around the web these days. Recently, we ran into a parallax tutorial that integrated with Twitter Bootstrap over at We thought this approach to the parallax effect was great and wanted to integrate it into a Twitter Bootstrap WordPress theme.

Twitter Bootstrap eCommerce WordPress Theme

Twitter Bootstrap eCommerce WordPress Theme

WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress that helps you sell anything right within your own site. We have been building eCommerce stores powered by WooCommerce and WordPress for a while and finally decided to make our own Twitter Bootstrap eCommerce WordPress theme called StrapPress Commerce. This eCommerce theme is based off our popular responsive StrapPress theme with some added features and page templates to support the eCommerce plugin.

Flat UI WordPress Theme

Flat UI WordPress Theme

Just in! A responsive Twitter Bootstrap WordPress theme based off the Flat UI kit from Designmodo called FlatPress. With this Flat UI WordPress theme you can use all the features and elements that are included in the UI kit as well as all the Twitter Bootstrap components. The theme includes several page templates and a custom homepage with several widget areas.

Bootstrap 3.0

Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap 3 is said to be the next release of the Twitter Bootstrap framework. The developers have big plans for Twitter Bootstrap 3 and we are getting anxious! The developers have a pull request setup for Bootstrap 3 where you can follow along and see what is going on.

WordPress Themes Updated to Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.0

WordPress Themes Updated

Twitter Bootstrap was recently updated to version 2.3.0!! This update comes with a lot of bug fixes and some minor new features.

Free WordPress Bootstrap Theme

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