StrapPress now includes all Bootswatch themes

Strappress Bootswatch

Recently we updated StrapPress to the latest Twitter Bootstrap version 2.2.2 and also added more features!

One of the new features is the portfolio section is now powered by the isotope jQuery plugin. This plugin gives the filterable portfolio beautiful transitions and great responsive features.

The latest version of StrapPress now includes all the Bootswatch themes. You can now easily change the look and style of your StrapPress theme from the theme options panel from the WordPress dashboard. Just pick the theme you want to use and your website style will change automatically. Here are some screenshots of the different Bootswatch themes:

  • StrapPress-amelia-default
  • StrapPress-cerulean
  • StrapPress-cosmo
  • StrapPress-cyborg
  • StrapPress-journal
  • StrapPress-readable
  • StrapPress-simplex
  • StrapPress-slate
  • StrapPress-spacelab
  • StrapPress-spruce
  • StrapPress-superhero
  • StrapPress-united

Remember: All premium themes now come with the WordPress plugin for Twitter Bootstrap shortcodes.

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