StrapPress updated to Bootstap 3.1.1 + new themes!

Bootstrap 3.1.1 WordPress Theme

StrapPress has been updated to the latest version on Bootstrap which is 3.1.1. This update didn't bring to many major changes, but it is nice to work with the latest version! If you want to see the latest Bootstrap changelog, you can read about all the changes here.

StrapPress now includes 2 more Bootswatch themes. Lumen and Superhero have been added to the theme options page. Now when you are creating your WordPress site using StrapPress, you can pick between these two new stylesheets to easily change the look and feel.

As always, if you are a previous StrapPress buyer send us your purchase receipt for the latest theme files! The next major update should include automatic updates integrated within the theme. =)

Keep checking back, we have a new Bootstrap WordPress theme in the works!

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