Twitter Bootstrap 3 WordPress Starter Theme

Twitter Bootstrap 3 WordPress Starter Theme

We just released Builder, a Twitter Bootstrap 3 WordPress Starter Theme perfect for developers! The base of this theme is the powerful Bones. We then added some page templates and all the Twitter Bootstrap components and features.

What Builder isn't:

Builder is not a bloated theme with tons of bells and whistles to customize and change from a theme options panel in the WordPress dashboard. Actually, the theme doesn't even include a theme options panel. If you or your client needs an option panel to make changes to the theme we recommend adding your own or looking into something like StrapPress. Builder also doesn't include Font Awesome like all of our other themes. The included shortcode plugin uses the Bootstrap glyphicons that are shipped with the Bootstrap framework.

What Builder is:

Builder is a theme to customize, build on top of, and change to fit you and your clients needs. It is lean with minimal features to give you a solid base to build your next WordPress project. The theme ships with LESS, a few page templates, some custom functions to integrate Bootstrap, and the shortcodes plugin. That is it!

If you are a developer or like to dig into the WordPress code, Builder will be right up your alley. Grab a copy, change some Bootstrap variables, compile the code, and make the theme your own!

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  • Jordan Harriger

    This is great! Is it free for commercial use?

  • Joe

    I downloaded it but its zip file name is StrapPress. Is this the Builder ?

    • Are you sure you went through the checkout process and purchased this theme?

  • This theme lacks support for IE8.

    • Respond.js has been added to the theme to support IE8.

  • Miguel Ayala

    Does this starter has the latest Bootstrap 3.0.2? If not, can we update Bootstrap without affecting the theme?

    • This theme is currently running on 3.0.0. We will send out updates to buyers when the theme is updated. The theme can be updated by the user with no problems.

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