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Twitter Bootstrap 3 WordPress Theme

Since Bootstrap released version 3 of the Twitter Bootstrap framework, we have been updating one of our more popular WordPress themes, StrapPress. We have recoded the theme with all the latest Bootstrap features and have also added a lot of new additions to the theme options.

Version 3 of the Twitter Bootstrap framework has removed the gradients from the buttons and navbar giving them a more flat look. This also makes these elements easier to customize with a few lines of CSS. Because of this, we have added settings to the theme options that now allow you to change the color of every element within the theme! Other options now include:

  • new theme options panel
  • responsive lightbox
  • ability to change the admin login logo
  • added the latest version of Font Awesome with now 361 icons
  • pick from 500 different Google Fonts
  • choose a background pattern or upload a custom pattern
  • new social icons and styles
  • all the latest Twitter Bootstrap 3 features within the WordPress theme

Twitter Bootstrap 3 offers some great features and we are excited with the integration within the updated WordPress theme. For now, if you purchase StrapPress you will receive both the older version that runs on version 2.3 and the latest version that runs on version 3.

Our next project is to update our Twitter Bootstrap shortcode plugin that comes with all of our premium WordPress themes to use Bootstrap 3.

Hope you enjoy the new framework additions as much as we do! Let us know if you have any questions.

Update:Our Twitter Bootstrap plugin has now been updated to use version 3. You can read more details about the plugin details here.

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  • Great job guys, was going to code this myself, you have saved me a lot of time!

  • arudd

    Unfortunately, this isn’t up to par.
    The responsive design doesn’t work.

    • Can you explain? The responsive design works perfectly.

      • arudd

        I downloaded and installed the theme and thought it would work out the box.

        I’m not seeing any reference to the grid styles [col-md-*] in the HTML Bootstrap supports.
        Am I missing something?

        When I test the theme, by changing my browser size, it does not respond.
        I don’t know how to explain it anymore than that.

        There are no errors in the Console, which is good, but otherwise I’m not seeing any-type of responsive action.

        • CoachZuba

          I think you fell for the same shit I did – the right hand column that offers users to download the “Free WordPress Bootstrap Theme” is misleading when placed with this article. The free download is a very very old version.

        • @arudd:disqus if you downloaded the free version in the right hand column, it uses the first version of Bootstrap which is not responsive. If you are looking to use all the Bootstrap 3 features with WordPress, then you need to purchase our latest premium version of StrapPress.

  • Michael

    I’m a bit confused… I checked the CSS file and it’s Bootstrap version 1??

    • Michael

      Nevermind… please disregard this.

  • chrismccoy

    i bought it at version 2.3.0 of the theme, i havent got an email update yet, curious how i can get an update?

    • Send us you purchase receipt and we will send over the latest theme and plugin files!

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