Update: Font Awesome 3.0!

Font Awesome 3.0

Font Awesome 3.0 was recently released with some new icons and features! BragThemes.com quickly grabbed the latest copy of the icon font and updated our Bootstrap WordPress themes and Bootstrap WordPress plugin to take advantage of the new features.

With Font Awesome 3.0, you now have 249 different icons and some new styles you can utilize. You can now make any icon spin to get the loading or refreshing effect. There is now also a mute and border class that will fade the icon and put a nice border around the icon. The Font Awesome team has also added an alignment class, so you can align the icon to the left or right. This acts like the pull-left and pull-right class of the Twitter Bootstrap framework. Last, but not least they have added a few more size classes so you can increase the size of the icons.

As mentioned above, our Bootstrap WordPress plugin that is included in all premium purchases has also been updated. This means you can easily start using all these new icons and great features with any of our Bootstrap themes today!

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