Waiting for Bootstrap 4…

Bootstrap 4

Hopefully you have heard Bootstrap 4 is coming "soon"... It has been pretty quiet around here on BragThemes, mostly because I am waiting to see what Bootstrap 4 has to offer. When it is released, I plan on re-doing this site and offering some new themes! That will be fun.

Until then, I am still working on some cool stuff that you should check out.

If you are interested in learning how to build WordPress themes with the Bootstrap framework, I would recommend checking out BootstrapWP.com. When Bootstrap 4 is released, I will be adding some new tutorials, so keep an eye out.

Carlos and I also have some new landing page WordPress themes that are about to be released. You can find them over at GentsThemes.com. Be sure to sign up on the mailing list to get updates and special offers on the new themes.

I also have some pretty cool GitHub projects that I am working on. One of my favorites is a WordPress starter theme that uses Gulp, Bower, and the underscores WordPress theme. Gulp and Bower are some pretty awesome tools. I plan to do an advanced tutorial series on getting these setup within a WordPress theme over at BootstrapWP.com in the near future.

So that is a little update. I hope you are as excited about Bootstrap 4 as I am!

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