WordPress Plugin for Twitter Bootstrap Shortcodes!

Twitter Bootstrap Shortcodes

We are happy to announce a new WordPress plugin that will be included with all of our premium Twitter Bootstrap WordPress themes. This plugin will add a button to your WordPress text editor so you can easily add Twitter Bootstrap shortcodes to your pages and posts!

The plugin includes 25 different shortcodes that are all highly customizable. This will take the time, effort, and work out of trying to craft a shortcode from our examples. Simply choose the Twitter Bootstrap shortcode you want to insert into your page or post and the plugin will do the rest.

If you like a component, style, or javascript feature on the Twitter Bootstrap Docs you can now easily duplicate the functionality with a shortcode on your WordPress site. The plugin will enable you to easily include the following shortcodes:

  • jQuery UI Accordion
  • Bootstrap Accordion (Collapse)
  • Alerts
  • Badges
  • Buttons
  • Button Dropdown & Button Dropup
  • Button Split Dropdown
  • Button Groups
  • Carousel
  • Clear Floats
  • Icons
  • Labels
  • Popovers
  • Pricing Tables
  • Progress Bars
  • Progress Bars Stacked
  • Spacing
  • Table
  • jQuery UI Tabs
  • Bootstrap Tabs
  • Testimonial
  • jQuery UI Toggle
  • Tooltip
  • Well

As mentioned before, all shortcodes are highly customizable. Bootstrap has a lot of classes for each component and feature that have been added to the shortcode plugin. This allows you to customize each shortcode to get the exact functionality you need.

For example, you can easily pick which direction (up,down,left,right) the tooltip on text and button elements will pop. The progress bars have different classes to animate, strip, stack, and change the colors. The buttons can include icons with dropdown or dropup menus. etc.

If you see something in the Twitter Bootstrap Docs that you want to include on your site, well now you easily can with our new Twitter Bootstrap shortcode plugin! Again, the plugin will now be included with all of our premium(paid) Twitter Bootstrap WordPress themes. Enjoy!

Special thanks to the Symple Shortcodes that inspired and was a starting point for this plugin.

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