WordPress Themes Updated to Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.0

WordPress Themes Updated

Twitter Bootstrap was recently updated to version 2.3.0!! This update comes with a lot of bug fixes and some minor new features. If you are interested, you can read about all the 2.3.0 changes on the Twitter Bootstrap blog here. In that blog post, it states that this is probably the last update before version 3.0. I dunno about you, but that will be an exciting day!

Back to the point of this blog post... All of our themes have been updated to the latest version of Bootstrap. We have also updated the Font Awesome icon font to version 3.0.2 to keep everything up-to date. This also means that you can use all the Twitter Bootstrap features and Font Awesome classes within your WordPress theme with the included Twitter Bootstrap shortcode plugin that is included with your purchase.

Feel free to reach out and stay tuned from more Twitter Bootstrap WordPress themes!

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